effective case study strategies

What is a case study?

A case study is a story or scenario represented in way of an incident. It is a detailed study about a person, their lives, community, or a group. There are several types of case studies to perform comprehensive research on the given instance by relating it to the contemporary situations of the world. There are several assignments in context with the case studies to evaluate the student’s thinking, correlating, and IQ powers. In a case study assignment, the student needs to identify the problem, closely relate it to the question asked and then answer it precisely. A case study assignment needs the knowledge of theories and models that can justify the written answer. A case study assignment comprises typical questions like problem-solving, recommendations, and decision-making questions. All these things require a certain amount of knowledge about the topic and a way to write.

Here are some effective case study strategies for your assignments:

Knowledge pool:

The first and foremost thing to be learned for writing an effective case study assignment is critical thinking and knowing the way to writing. The answers should be written in an appealing way. An organized way of writing should be followed. This can only be done with proper research. To gain good marks for a case study assignment, one should thoroughly research the topic or the agenda. This will help the student to answer the question with a different and smart perspective.


While writing a case study, no matter what one’s actual thinking is, the student should always answer in a positive way. The criticism of the topic should be in a healthy way. The answers shouldn’t reflect a bit of negativity. The main motive of the student should be to reflect their positive approach even in the worst kind of situation. Positive approach answers are mainly required in recommendations.


To defend and prove the answers right in a logical way, a student must use statistical analysis. While a case study assignment about a company, students should collect data from various sources. That data should justify the written answers in every possible. The graphs and flow charts should be made accurately to explain the agenda or topic.


Language is the key, it is the language that portrays students’ views on the topic. The language shouldn’t be complex while writing the answers in the case study assignment. Simple language with accurate points is what is needed most in a case study.

Company analysis:

Many times in a case study assignment a student is required to analyze the working of an industry or a company. For this, a student must do a proper analysis of the company through PESTEL or SWOT framework. This will give a clear overview of the company or industry. A proper analysis with key points will help in portraying the situation of the company mindfully.


Case study assignments are as easy as complex they are. One needs to give ample time to the research. Good research is a key to write to point answers in the case study assignment.

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