How to professionally evaluate any topic for your assignment

Assignments, projects, and research papers are recurring tasks in a student’s or any teacher’s life. All this requires a lot of research and creative writing skills, many individuals struggle in the research part only, which restricts them from going to the creative writing part which eventually messes up their assignment or research paper.

Research is not an easy task to carry out, many people don’t know about this but, research that is followed by analysis; which requires skills too. It is a systematic process that many people fail to understand.


Here’s a procedure that you can adopt to evaluate your assignment topic:


1. READ: Reading is the best way to soak knowledge out of anything, be it newspaper articles, books, or other research papers. Reading is the form of getting familiar with the topic. Here’s how you can represent your reading in chronological order:


    • Central reading: This in simple language is the very first impression of the topic upon your mind, which can be with the reference to a novel, article, or any other source. Through this, one can get an informal overview of what they are reading.
    • Personal reading: This is counted as the second part of the topic evaluation, of the topic or we can say agenda is described with your personal reference and experience. This can be somewhat related to autobiographical statements.
    • The modern reading: From the word itself, it is clear that this involves the modern perspective of the topic which is independent of its past reviews and only deals with contemporary information. This third part of the evaluation reflects the current situation of the topic.
    • Practical reading: Incorporating the practical information about the topic if it demands is very important. The graphs, stats, visuals, etc help in evaluating the topic more deeply and make it easy for the readers to understand better.


2. Analyze: Analyzing is understanding the topic unbiased, going through its merits and demerits, and then formatting it on the paper.

3. Don’t stick to basics: unlike high school writings, you cannot stick to the basic topic and write only about it. You need to go in-depth and talk about the niches and explore more. This will help the reader to form their more wisely.

4. Importance of abstract: Don’t ever start a research paper or essay assignment without an abstract, abstract gives an overview of what you’re gonna talk about further.

5. Critical evaluation: We shouldn’t prefer direct criticism about any topic or sub-topic. Some topics have to be criticized but they should be criticized constructively to maintain the formal view of the assignment. And to make it look more unbiased.

6. Conclusion: Anything which we start requires a closure too. In the writing format we cal its conclusion, here you should preview the whole article and add lines about your views about the topic. And give it a decent closure.


These are some points which one should keep in mind while evaluating a topic and writing about it. There are endless things that can be covered in the field of writing and there is an endless amount of information available about every topic, all you need is patience and research skills. Following these would surely make your work holistic.


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