Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Resume

We all are trying to give our best amidst hustling in this world to achieve better status in this society through our dream jobs. We all are searching for every possible way to get a step closer to the job we desire.

Having degrees with distinction is never enough to get the job, one main thing apart from our qualifications which makes an impact on the interviewer of the company is our Resume.

We present ourselves through our resumes. A resume includes things from our qualifications to our hobbies.

Framing the resume cannot be taken lightly; we all need to give a lot of thoughts to it while framing it. But still, we make numerous mistakes while framing resumes.


Most common mistakes we bring up during writing our resumes are:


Using the same resume for every job domain:

This may sound normal but it is considered a blunder. We cannot present ourselves through the same resume in different organizations and companies, every company’s expectations differ from another even if it’s of the same sector. One has to frame resumes accordingly, mention the skills related to the field accordingly. And present yourself in the subtle way of what the interviewer is looking for.

Writing too much text:

One of the main things to be kept in mind is, a resume should be precise and yet enough to describe your qualities. No one wants to read about your personal information which includes nationality, caste, marital status, etc.

An interviewer gives a quick look at your resume before starting the conversation with you, and you have to make those seconds count by mentioning your achievements and roles in concise sentences.

Skipping official contact details:

One should mention their official mail id and contact number with social media handles which is related to the job, i.e LinkedIn. You shouldn’t mention social media handles that aren’t related to the job.

Informal Wording and Vocabulary:

Your way of writing should be formal; there is no excuse for that. You cannot use buzz words and abbreviations in your resume. This will affect you a lot about how your work personality is. Avoid using words like best-of-breed, go-to person, etc.

 Using Ambiguities:

 Don’t confuse being concise with being ambiguous. One should convey things in short but shouldn’t leave ambiguities. Instead of mentioning things like ‘finished the project in short duration or few days’ mention the exact time period, it will make a far better impact and will look more refined. Always try to refrain ambiguities.

Not highlighting best achievements:

Rather than focusing on all tasks assigned to you till then and all the work done by you, highlight your recognized work more and achievements more to make the interviewer realize your potential. Also, don’t forget to attach your letter of recommendations.


These are some most common mistake which one makes during writing their resumes. Remember in this digital world your resume reaches the company even before you, many companies shortlist based on resumes only. Your skills, strengths and weaknesses should be mentioned in such a way that they don’t disappoint the interviewer.

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