Tips to improve your research and analytical skills

Research is a systematic study regarding a particular topic or concern that entails collection of data, classification of paramount information, an analysis of data and information to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Along with research we need analysis too….

The analysis is “The process of breaking a concept down into simpler parts so that its logical structure is displayed”- Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, 1996, by Simon Blackburn. In habitual language, it is a detailed examination of anything complex by breaking it into separate parts for better understanding.

Research and Analysis, these two terms are not narrowed down to only a specific sector or subject. It is a universal thing, no matter in which field you are, you have to take the help of research and analysis to upgrade your baggage of knowledge.

Research and analysis go hand in hand, research helps us gather information and analysis works as a filter to that information.

Research helps us to expand our knowledge base with a vast information pool. Whereas analysis helps us reach our targets better and effectively by studying the information thoroughly.

While research makes you familiar with the concept, the analysis makes your approach way easier.

This makes us clear how important these skills are. But is surfing on the internet enough for the tasks?

Here are some tips which can help you improve your Research and Analysis skills:

  • Read: First and foremost thing is read, read as much as you can to get plenty of exposure to topic-related information. Reading books, articles, and blogs is never going to be outdated. The more you read, the more you learn about new things, which will enhance your both research and analytical skills. But, don’t just settle on a single thing, read about different genres, or different books of the same genre. It will help you learn about a different perspective of people regarding the same topic only.


  • Importance of question marks: Curiosity is the side effect for better learning. The more you ask, the more in-depth analysis you can perform with new information.


  • Brain exercises: Playing with numbers (solving mathematics problems) and logical reasoning is considered the best exercise for the brain. The more complex things you tend to solve, the more your brain cells work, which in turn will improve your analytical skills.


  • Organize your research: You cannot find all the information about the topic in one place, you need to go through different sites and books to learn about the topic and gather wholesome information after that you must organize the in-hand information into simpler words and different subheading for better understanding and analysis.


  • Set your aim: Take some time initially to understand what your research is demanding, avoid confusion, later on, and understand your topic better.


  • Seek help: We all know how endless sources are available on the internet, at times it becomes difficult to identify unbiased sources for the research. At that time it is better to seek the help of a knowledgeable person on the respective topic to make your content presentable.


These are some tips which one should keep in mind to carry out their research and analysis both in an excellent way, remember knowledge goes a long way with you, so it is better to sharpen your research and analytical skills.

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