useful websites for college students

Student life is not easy. Every student has their own kind of struggle. Some try to win the battle of concentration, while some find peace between the chaos of their sleeping schedule. Student life requires a lot of add ons to master their performance.

As the world is heading towards digitization, many websites have developed in the favor of students. There are several useful websites for students that can help every kind of student problem in many ways. These websites make a lot of hardships for students vanish in seconds. May it be for marginalized study material or tracking of the study hours. Websites are made according to the needs of students.

Here are few useful websites for students of college or university:

Every student struggles in maintaining a good sleep schedule. They mostly get engaged in odd times of studying. This majorly affects their sleep schedule and intron their health. A student must be aware of what’s the right time to go to the bed. reminds the student about what’s right for them to sleep.

The distraction in Gen Z’s life is real, they have a bundle of distractions that can divert their focus. Social media is one of the major distractions in student life, a student tries their best to stay away from them while studying but is unable to do so. suspends the activity of social media account in the device of students phone for some time. This leaves no choice than studying in front of the student.

Other than studying, a student must develop side skills for their personality. Every single thing requires learning. is one the largest platform for any type of online course. A student can avail of any type of online course of their choice from this website and start learning at the earliest.

This is a great place for students to find any previous ted talk recording. The ted talk recording related to any of the student’s interests can really help in achieving the goals of the student. The TED shows will provide current videos about any field like technology, entertainment, and design. These videos can give knowledge as well as inspiration for working hard to the students.

Students are always piled up with a number of assignments. Assignments require several articles and a newsletter for references. It is difficult to find the articles without any copyright issues. has various articles ad content pages whose copyright agreement has expired and the student could easily take up reference form there.

Wolfram Alpha

This is the best savior for all kinds of calculative works. Students can do calculations related to sciences, maths, economics, and any other subject easily from this website.


Being a student is not an easy job. Assignments scratch all the peace out of them. But, suffering has become very less because of the internet. One can get anything on the internet. From E-books to class notes, everything is easily available. These are some wholesome websites that can assist every student in their college life.

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